The Plan

Introduction (Monday)

  • introductory concepts in FlashMX
  • importing vectors and rasters into FlashMX
  • overview of basic animation techniques

Applied/Intermediate (Tuesday)

  • introduction to ActionScript
  • use of sound and video in FlashMX

Applied/Intermediate (Wednesday)

  • applied use of sound and video in FlashMX
  • development of basic user interface tools
  • develop a fully functional media gallery

ActionScript (Thursday)

  • evolution of actionscript
  • events in flash
  • variables, expressions, operators
  • loops and conditionals
  • the movieclip object
  • simple programmatic animation
  • writing functions
  • using prebuilt objects
  • actionscript debugger
  • best practices

Flash-Server Communications (Friday)

  • overview of flash-server communications
  • using flashvars
  • using loadVars
  • the onLoad handler
  • using sharedLocalObjects
  • intro to XML
  • using XML object
  • troubleshooting
  • flashcomm server
Allan Kennedy
Jason Krogh